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Bulk envelope self-adhesive postage stamp applicator - Buy stamp dispenser to apply stamps. online.

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If you buy your postage stamps in rolls of 50 or 100, they might seem like a hassle to put on for dozens or even hundreds of envelopes!

That's where EZE-STAMP comes in! It's specifically designed to make self-adhesive postage stamps easy to apply in bulk.

Just load your stamp roll into the cartridge and glide the stamps through the dispenser.

That's it!

Hi. My name's Dave. And for over a decade, my company BALTEC Enterprises, has specialized in the paging & cellular phone business. EZE-STAMP came about because of my frustration with dispensing self-adhesive postage stamps on envelopes in large batches. What a hassle! So I made a solution!

Baltec Enterprises
PO Box 987
Battle Ground, WA. 98604

EZE-STAMP is proudly made & packaged in the USA!
NOT made in China!

Affix postage stamps.
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